Sober Living House Rules

5280 Transitions – Denver, Colorado

It takes practice to relearn a healthy approach to life and living. Our sober living house rules and assigned responsibilities are designed to help you develop proper strategies and rational thinking while reinforcing self-discipline. This focus on self-discipline is integral to helping you regain life skills, such as, honesty, integrity, and work ethic––skills that will serve you well in both personal and professional situations. Our rules also work to remove common triggers that may lead to relapse, guaranteeing a mutually supportive atmosphere geared to helping you maintain sobriety.

Zero Tolerance House Rules

  • Zero drug or alcohol use/possession

    You must be willing to submit to drug/alcohol urine screen and a breathalyzer on demand.

  • Zero physical or verbal confrontations

    with either staff members and/or other residents.

  • Zero destruction of property

    which includes 5280’s and other residents’ property.

  • Zero stealing

    which includes taking food from others without permission.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Participation in 12 Step Meetings
  • Working closely with an AA sponsor
  • Respecting everyone’s right to anonymity
  • Attending House and/or special Meetings
  • Securing a full-time job within 30 days
  • Complete your assigned household chores
  • Adhere to curfews
  • Commit to staying the minimum lease agreement term.

A full set of house rules is included in your contract. Please contact us today for a copy.

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